Author: Tom George

Small Rooms for Kids: Tips and Organization Ideas

Maintaining order in a child’s room may seem like a difficult task, but regardless of the child’s age, the secret to a well-organized children’s room is to provide plenty of clearly defined storage areas around the room. With no obvious ways to store their belongings, most children will simply leave their belongings on the floor or throw them out of sight in the closet. Consider the following tips and teach children organizational skills from an early age.

How to organize a small children’s room?

To achieve an ideal organization in small children’s rooms, follow the following tips:

1- Optimize space with boxes

Take advantage of all the available space! One or two large plastic boxes in empty spaces like under the bed or crib are always helpful. Those spaces are ideal as they will help to reorganize the room quickly. The transparent plastic makes it easy to find the desired object without spreading the contents of the box on the floor.

2- Use versatile furniture

When planning your little one’s room, think ahead: a crib becomes a bed, a changing table evolves into a desk. In addition, the modular, sliding furniture with wheels allow various uses of the spaces in the children’s room. These will help maintain order in the different distribution transformations that the room may undergo daily and over time.

3- Baskets to store toys

A pair of wire baskets will be the ideal place for extra storage of toys in children’s bedrooms. With this convenient extra storage system, little ones can organize all the toys that have shelf space and dressers. Like the plastic boxes, being a grid the little one will be able to see the toys they need without having to take them all out.

Label or color-code each basket so your child knows that each of their toys has a home of its own.

4- Use vertical space

Using shelves, lockers and cabinets that occupy the vertical space you will be able to maintain order and give you extra space without removing an inch from the room. Children need space to play! For a greater sense of order, put the objects in boxes, which you can take out and put back in their place without cluttering. An added benefit of vertical storage is that it allows you to place some toys too high for little hands to reach. This means that you ultimately exert some control over problems that are spread out on the floor.

5- Use containers for certain clothes and shoes

Piles of shoes and socks quickly become difficult to handle. Instead, a system of labeled or clear storage containers gives the closet space an organized and calm look. This goes a long way in making the room feel less busy or cluttered.